What Online Tools Should Bloggers be Using?

by Dhiram Shah

Creativity, ambition, a flexible schedule, and industry knowledge are hugely important traits to have as a blogger. But there is obviously much more to blogging than this. Knowing what topics are trending, where to find free images, how good your writing is, and how Google will rank your blog are all equally vital things to learn and understand.

Therefore, we thought we’d look at a few online tools that can help upcoming bloggers (or your cat) reach the big time.

Free images
’Copyright’, ‘All rights reserved’, ‘Permission for distribution’ – these are all phrases that have caused headaches for bloggers looking for images in the past. Thankfully though, www.pexels.com provides thousands of free stock photos to use within your blog posts. There’s no longer any need to ask permission or accredit the photographer – simply download the image or embed it using HTML.

SEO tips
Having your blog properly optimized for search engines is an essential part of owning a site. This website checker tool from domain hosting company www.1and1.com will inform you on how your site functions in terms of presentation, visibility, security, and overall performance.

Depending on how much you know about SEO, the website checker might tell you to create a page description, enhance your page title, create more content, install an SSL Certificate, or to embed Facebook and Twitter buttons for easily shareable blog posts.

Better grammar
Better grammar
English is a beautiful language, no doubt, but it can also be rather tricky sometimes. Is that the UK or US spelling? Is it effect or affect? Should I use a comma here? Does this word need a hyphen? These questions are easily searchable on Google of course, and Microsoft Office has its own spell check feature, but now there is an easier and more comprehensive solution. Using www.grammarly.com, the writer can simply install an Add-on into Word or use the online version on the website, and the tool will critique your writing. Simple errors you hadn’t noticed and uncertainty over spelling will be a thing of the past with Grammarly on your side.

What’s trending
What’s trending
There is so much happening in the world at any given time that it can be hard to keep up with. However, as a blogger Google Trends is your best bet to stay up to date with all the hot topics on the web. As you will, of course, want to write about current and widespread issues as much as possible, Google Trends will keep you in the know.

Furthermore, in-depth analysis of certain people or topics is provided by the tool, with charts and graphs detailing current interest regarding time and place. For example, search ‘Lady Gaga’ and you’ll find the pop star’s searchability has decreased considerably over the years, peaking at 2010 and declining to nearly the lowest of her career in 2016. The tool also says that the USA, Canada, and Mexico are some of the countries with the highest search volume for Lady Gaga, whereas European countries like Germany, Spain, and France have considerably lower search volumes for the singer.

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