Old-school radio reads Tweets to your grand-mom

by Gareth Mankoo

Oh so you youngster post your opinions and rants online in a 140 character cube and the world raves about it, she said. Wrinkled, bent but with a sparkle in her eye. It would be impossible getting her to push the power-up button on my sleek MacBook, let alone getting her to learn the nuances of social networking. Thankfully, this Christmas, Santa (read Sean Hathaway) has brought us this amazing radio-like contraption that reads out Tweets. It’s called ‘Volume and Noise’, terms grandma was well acquainted with when the Beatles started strumming endless tunes.

The case of the reader is actually constructed from a 1930 vintage Philco radio. She uses an Arduino processor to select the Tweets and then converts them the speech. This lovely contraption was constructed for a show at the AFRU Gallery in Portlan, Oregon. Time I get to the breadboards and vacant radio shells to build my own.


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