OKO filtration bottle can convert coke into crystal clear liquid

by Gareth Mankoo

Water reserves in many places across the globe are going down and so is the purity level. What is needed is something that purifies liquid to such a degree that it could be consumed. The OKO “advanced filtration water bottle” comes with promise of delivering such. It features a filtration system that was developed by NASA that is so efficient that it can filter a regular cola into a clear, colorless liquid within seconds. A built-in three-level filtration system, the second of which was “originally developed through a NASA grant for space stations” is what enables the filtration and offers hope to a world that’s craving for pure drinking water in various pockets of civilization. The bottles come in two different sizes, 550ml and 650ml. Filtering 550ml of water costs just $0.03, making it a lot cheaper than picking up bottled mineral water.

The 550ml variant could cost you a little over $30. One thing that remains to be cleared is the effect on flavor Would the bottle go on to provide pure drinking water out of sea water? That would be magical, sustainable and change many a life!


[Via – Rocketnews24]

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