Nokia to offer Lumia 800 bundle at Microsoft stores for $899 on the day of love!

by Gavril Mankoo

Nokia decided to go over the top and give its Lumia 800 smartphone something that none of its peers have, a price tag good enough to make potential buyers flee for cover. The phone will be available as a bundle and will hit Microsoft retail stores soon, priced at a whopping $899. With a Nokia Play 360 wireless speaker, a Purity HD Stereo Headset and an in-ear Bluetooth unit packed with the phone itself, this expensive bundle sure might burn a hole in your pocket once, though the perks available in it sure seem to make it all worth. Also, this one could work as a perfect expensive gift for your loved one, with the phone to hit store shelves on the 14th of February though we aren’t sure about the reactions you’d get if your better half was expecting something more, priced less, like an Android!


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