Nintendo Wii U unveiled

by ruchi

With all the tablet frenzy going on, other gadget segments have certainly been overlooked. But not any more. Just two days back we saw Sony putting up the official word and price for its NGP PS Vita and now it’s Nintendo’s Wii U that is luring us towards ecstatic gaming experience which will unfold in 2012. This next generation console will support HD graphics (which is more or less like an industry standard now) and come with a 6.2-inch touchscreen controller. And above all, the controller doubles into a handheld gaming device too. Now why wasn’t something like this cooked before?

The controller here is a pretty much the show-stealer here. its 6.2-inch color screen doubles as a second display, so even pestering siblings want to take over the TV, you’ll have your petite arrangement to work with. Apart from displaying extra information, the controller can also be used to make voice calls. And ofcourse, there is reverse integration here. Your battalion of Wii games can be played on the U version of the console. As brought in from sources, it owes its brilliant HD graphics to custom AMD Radeon HD GPU. Its controller has motion-sensor capabilities and will favor your existing WII controllers.
The console will use the company’s proprietary high-definition optical discs, 1080p HDMI output and internal memory that can be upgraded with USB technology. The makers also claim that it can pretty much do everything that a tablet can. Nintendo 3DS hasn’t turned in impressive sales figure but looks like this next generation console will do the trick.

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