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“Nintendo All-Stars” Custom Converse Shoe on eBay

by yogesh

I remember the time when I was in college and this friend of mine was a great artist. She hand-painted an Iron Maiden T-shirt for and I still have it as a keepsake. Looking at this Nintendo All-Stars Custom Converse Shoe brings back all those fond memories. Wearing your passion on your sleeve, or shall I say your feet, this pair has Yoshi, princess, Mario and other Nintendo characters painted. Apparently the seller has made this pair for a friend, but if you win the bid he’ll add custom touches to your pair (your name, a different colored Yoshi, nude princess, etc).

The current bid is $255, and closes on the 13th April, so hurry up if you want to lay your hands on the Nintendo All-Stars Custom Converse Shoe.

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  1. Jonathan Jager

    This are the best shoes I have ever seen. And the good thing about it is I like smash bro’s too! Keep up the goog work pal.


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