Nexus S expected in mid-December, with Gingerbread

by Gareth Mankoo

As one would expect it to be, the new Google mobile OS is all set to roll out. Android 2.3 has been much spoken about by all of us at NewLaunches and is finally beginning to resurface. So what’s getting it to the surface? Well, it happens to be yet another Nexus phone. This time it’s the Nexus S and it will have a front and back camera combo for video conferencing and imaging, respectively. The phone’s screen is said to be the first 4-inch contoured display that is designed to fit perfectly well into the hands of a caller and will not be the usual awkward slab on the face of a caller.

Additionally, Gingerbread will give users of the Nexus S an added advantage with near field communications technology. The growing popularity of the platform gives the Nexus S more chance of survival than its predecessor could dream of.

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