Next Gen Wearable Workout Gear by Athos to get optimum results from a workout session

by Shruti Shree

Good news for fitness enthusiasts on a budget. You want to get leaner and fitter in the gym but don’t want to invest in a personal trainer. Then, say hello to your new computerized personal trainer, Athos wearable gear which will do much better work than a personal trainer without burning a hole in your pocket.

The revolutionary Athos wearable gear has three parts, first: the garment which consists of full sleeve t-shirts and shorts for men and capris for women. The garment has 16 embedded sensors which send biosignals to the core. Core the second part, which is called the brain of the system, interprets the biosignals and sends the data to the mobile device through Bluetooth in real time! The third part is the mobile app through which you can see if you are doing the correct form or how may reps of the particular exercise you have to do.

The technology used in this product is the Electromyography which has been used in the physiotherapy and health industry for over fifty years. The Electromyograph has an accelerometer and magnetometer which generates electric signals thorough body movements. The athos wearable gear can track 22 muscles at a time. It helps you monitor all the aspects of a strength training like muscle effort, heart rate, balance, reps, cadence, form, time tracking and activation. Using this super-efficient and accurate gear, you can achieve your targets faster, decrease muscle soreness and fatigue and be injury free.

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