New Macbooks to come with Flash memory

by Dhiram Shah

Rumours are abuzz that Apple may sell zippier Macbooks with Flash memory, same type of fast memory found in Apple iPod’s. Samsung is already shipping laptops with hybrid hard drives a combination of a spinning ‘classic’ hard drive and flash memory. One analyst, name Wu, says that these new Apple notebooks will be known (not called) as subnotebooks and according to him will have a stripped down version of Apple’s current operating system (probably to facilitate the smaller storage space as a result of switching to Flash memory only). Flash memory based notebooks sport a faster boot time, better battery life (less moving parts) and less chances of data loss as the hard drive has no moving parts. The only disadvantage is the steep price tag which will surely decline as Flash memory storage products are widely accepted.

Apple declined to comment, but the rumours are from Shaw Wu, one of the first analyst to forecast the unveiling of Apple’s iPhone music player/phone earlier this year.

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