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New Zealand welcomes home giant Hobbits!

by Gavril Mankoo

Travelers stopping over at the Wellington Airport were recently shocked out of their skins with the giant Gollum effigy reaching out for them. As intimidating as ever, this installation was set up to promote the upcoming movie, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Recently, we spotted these Hobbits in New Zealand. Larger than you’d expect a dwarf to be, these massive Hobbit installations were set up at the New Zealand Post office building.

Located in Wellington, New Zealand, these 14 figures appear as silhouettes during the darker hours, with a cleverly installed lighting system doing the trick. Each of these figures tower 20 feet tall and were set up by Weta. The giant Hobbits will stay on the New Zealand Post office building until early 2013 and are set up to promote the upcoming Peter Jackson movie.


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  1. Musa

    They are giant dwarves, not hobbits 🙂


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