New York Subway Maps go touch-sensitive

by Gareth Mankoo

New York’s Grand Central station saw the coming to life of interactive, touch-responsive subway maps. This is something that will soon catch up all over NYC, but commuters are surely responding to it positively. The maps have been an integral part of the Subway since the very beginning but the all new MTA On the Go kiosks seem to be making quite an impression. From a total of 18 kiosks, eight have already been distributed between the uptown and downtown segments of the major 4/5/6 north-south arteries. The remainder ten would find their place over the mezzanine, above which will connect the subway to the commuter rail station. Users can use these large screens to avail of information in real-time through these devices.

What remains to be seen is the bandwidth of these displays to accommodate the large mass of requests that could pour in on a regular basis. What’s more is that the durability of such a mapping system is put to question. Time alone will tell.

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