New Closed-captioning Glasses by Sony to Help the Deaf Enjoy Movies at the Theatre

by Sayan Chakravarty

People with hearing disability entirely rely on subtitles to enjoy movies; lack of proper support keeps them away from movie theatres, but not anymore! Sony Entertainment Access Glasses will give the deaf a way to watch the new releases in the theatres along with everybody else. Here’s how it works: The captions are projected onto the glasses and appear to float about 10 feet in front of the user, it is synchronised with the theatres digital projector and the text is received wirelessly.

Regal Cinemas, US, plans to provide these close captioning glasses at their 6000 theatres across the country. And that’s not all, along with it, Regal will also give headphone support for the blind, it’ll play an audio description of what’s happening on the screen or boost up the sound level for those who are hard of hearing. The glasses were announced last year and now it’s ready to be rolled out, it’ll be a huge attraction for the visually and aurally challenged.

[Via – Cnet]

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