NeuroOn smart mask enables wearers to cut short their sleep-time without grogginess

by Gavril Mankoo

Sleep is a necessity that has quickly turned into a luxury of sorts, particularly for those who work around the clock. While quite a few of us resort to caffeine as the perfect sleep killer, this simple device promises to have a similar effect, without deadly health issues! Called the NeuroOn, the device is a brainwave-monitoring sleeping mask that literally allows a wearer to develop polyphasic sleep patterns. Simply put, wearers don’t need a six to eight hour sleep pattern during the night time. Instead, a NeuroOn user can combine night-time snoozes with small naps in the daytime, reducing complete sleep time to just 2 hours every day!

The NeuroOn comes with EEG, EMG and EOG sensors that detect brainwave activity, muscle tension and eye movements. The intelligent device then algorithms to determine sleepers’ individual patterns and wakes up users at the exact moment when their REM sleep ends! The NeuroOn also includes an accompanying smartphone application that enables wearers to set the polyphasic sleep setting they would like to achieve. The device seems like a great way to keep away jetlag, sleeplessness and over-sleeping, helping people turn less lethargic and more productive! Hopefully, the NeuroOn is made available in a few more attractive colors though.

[Via – Springwise]

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