Neptor unveils its first Interactive Touch Play technology-enabled Bluetooth speaker, the NPSP01

by Gavril Mankoo

Neptor understands just how important calming one’s inner-audiophile is, and as an answer to portable music woes, the manufacturer has pulled out this delicious touch-controlled portable Bluetooth speaker, called the NPSP01. The first portable speaker by Neptor to sport Interactive Touch Play technology, the NPSP01 launched just yesterday and is worth a load of attention. To fire up this speaker, a user simply needs to press and hold. The gesture also enables users to play pause/play music and to answer/end phone calls. To control the volume, all one needs to do is twist the speaker left or right.

The speaker is extremely light, weighing just a third of a pound, making it travel-friendly. The suction stand on its bottom enables the speaker to be placed even on smooth surfaces. The omnidirectional microphone and speaker makes this Neptor a treat to the ears to say the least. That said, connectivity isn’t a major tussle too, given the fact that the NPSP01 can also be hooked on to devices with a 3.5mm jack, in case Bluetooth connectivity isn’t available. Unveiled in a host of eye-catching colors including blue, purple, red, orange and green, the NPSP01 comes with a sweet and affordable price tag of $49.99.


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