“Nekomimi” Cat Ear Headphones – Fluffy Audio Fashion

by iona

As if Japanese schoolgirls needed any more excuse to experiment with sickly cute fashion. Now Thanko are giving us Nekomimi (literally: cat ear) headphones, a gadget/fashion accessory that combines a fluffy cat’s ear Alice band and audio headphones, so you can look your most feline whilst listening to your favorite tunes. The gadget is basically a set of earbuds wired into an Alice band, which anyone with half a brain could knock together by themselves at home. Japanese girls being as they are – bless them – will no doubt fight tooth and claw to be the first to pick up this ridiculous accessory and increase their fetishistic value amongst “salarymen” (Japanese businessmen).

The Nekomimi headphones were originally launched last year, but are now available to buy online at GeekStuff4u.com, priced at JPY2,600 – approximately US$30.

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