myvu Video Eyewear Headset

by Dhiram Shah

MicroOptical has introduced a new version of its myvu video eyewear headset designed to work specifically with Apple’s video-enabled iPods. The myvu Made for iPod edition ($400) is is compatible with the 30GB, 60GB and new 80GB iPods. The viewing experience is equivalent to watching a 27 inch screen from a distance of 2 meters. The display format is 320 x 240 in 24-bit color at 50–60 Hz frame rate. The myvu Video Eyewear Headset comes complete with noise-reducing earbuds, remote control, protective case, and an ultra-thin lithium battery which provides upto 6 hours of viewing time.

. Display format: 320 x 240, 24-bit color, 50–60 Hz frame rate
. Optics: Dual color LCDs SolidOptex Optical System
. Image size: Equivalent to 27 inch TV at approx. 2 meters
. Video input: Auto sense and switch between NTSC and PAL
. Power:Li-ion rechargeable battery 3.7V, 1440mAh
The myvu Made for iPod edition will be available in “late fall 2006” for $ 400.

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