My First Keyboard

by Dhiram Shah

I still need to look down to the keyboard to type out the letters so I can imagine what the babies have to go through when they use the computer keyboard. I am no typist but ‘Home Row’, ‘Top Row’ and all still confuse me. Spare your kids this misery and get them the- My First Keyboard. Simply colorful and playful this keyboard will infuse the spirit of play-way method of learning. You need not confuse the kids with “Numeric Keys’ and ‘Alphabet Keys’. The Keyboard is Color-coded to help beginning spellers easily locate numbers, vowels and consonants. The Rugged ABS plastic stands up to the most eager users and the QWERTY format introduces standardized keyboard layout. With the USB and PS2 connectors it’s quite easy to hook it to your comp.

My First Keyboard costs $29.
Via – Babylaunches

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