“Pringles can be deliciously musical too!” proves this one-of-a-kind pipe organ

by Gavril Mankoo

What do cool human beings do when they’ve got plenty of free time on their hands and a few hundred empty cans lying around? Use them all to build a jaw-dropping musical instrument of course! Brooklyn-based collective Fall On Your Sword has recently invested a good amount of time and Pringle cans into creating this fully-functioning pipe organ! Approximately the size of a conventional pipe organ, this one’s built out of the canisters Pringles Chips are packed in. nearly 250 cans were used in creating this piece of pop art, music and recycling. By carefully stacking and assembling the yellow, green and red cans, the team managed to craft this organ that transmits a range of tones and notes.

And that’s not all the folks at Fall On Your Sword can do with Pringles! Besides eating these deliciously addictive chips, the team has also crafted an eye-catching chandelier made from 150 silver-colored casts of potato crisps. This has been placed on display above the organ and shimmers, sparkles and sways! The chandelier and the pipe organ was created as an inspiration for a competition presented by Pringles and Gawker Media in which contestants are required to submit sketches or photos of contraptions they would create with an unlimited supply of containers and crisps.


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