Motorola V9m – The LAZR or RAZR 2 coming on Verizon Wireless

by Dhiram Shah

Here are the first shots of the Motorola V9m (pictured right) the CDMA version of Motorola LAZR or RAZR 2 which is expected to launch on Verizon Wireless. The phone features a touch screen coupled with an easy to use BREW UI with Adobe Flash which is contradictory to earlier reports that the phone will be Linux powered. There are rumours that Motorola will change the product name from V9m to V9c, to better represent that it is a CDMA device.
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  1. Tenrou

    Of course it will be running Linux! Motorola has switched it entire phone range over to Linux. That the GUI will be built using flash is an entirely different question and not contradictory to anything at all.
    If you can’t even differentiate between an OS and a GUI should you really be posting this stuff?

  2. Zola

    Am wondering about it’s USP. But i am keeping myself cool for a time being and am waiting to attend its conference—believes in first-hand-experience.

  3. Walt

    Unforunately, Motorola missed the mark I had hoped for. I would have wanted the RAZR to sink in its longest dimension by about 1/2″. Why? Because then the phone would slip, completely, in the otherwise unused “pocket watch” pocket on my 501’s. I, then, would not need a case or holster for my cell phone.

  4. Wilmafingerdo

    who gives a damn

  5. o.c.powell

    I can’t believe they are going to produce another toy camera-phone. Cell phones are available in Europe and Asia that have 3 megapixels and even 5 megapixels. The children’s toys that they keep releasing in the US offer only about 1.3 megapixels.
    That’s pitiful resolution. I’ll continue using my 5-year old phone (no camera) until they decide to produce something carrying around.

  6. miz_comment

    wow! i like that phone!!
    i wish i have that…
    my phone is just V3x… i want a new one..
    but i love my V3x… arrggghhh!!
    im stuck! i want them both! huhuhu?
    can someone buy V9 for me?
    lol just joking… 😀
    xoxo ♥


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