MotoPOD gives wheels to you, post wings

by radhika

No matter how much you may enjoy commuting from one place to another with your lightweight plane, when you touch ground, you do need a set of wheels to transport you from the base to your destination. The MotoPOD is basically a cargo pod that latches on to the underbelly of the plane and piggybacks to your destination with you. Within the cargo pod fits a Yamaha XT225 bike, giving you the wheels of freedom. This particular bike has the merits of being cost-effective and lightweight and overall the pod and the bike just add-on 500 pounds to an aircraft’s total weight. However this new attachment results in airspeed cut of about 9 knots.

Once the MotoPOD is lowered with the built-in powered winch, the bike can be removed from its confines. However before you head in for the wheelie, the bike required a bit of assembling. The MotoPOD is expected to sell for around $10,000 when it debuts later this year. This price includes the bike. However, you can reserve one now for a fully refundable $1,000.

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