Moto X set to hit Rogers, Canada in August, focus on Google Now voice control is evident

by Shayne Rana

It’s about that time when Google get’s ready to announce the next Nexus addition to the family line up of smart devices. This time it’s their own camp, a sort of in-house production, from Motorola. The Moto X has been spoken off quite a bit in the last couple of weeks and so far it all seems quite interesting. The most recent has been a video release of the Moto X Google smartphone and a showcase of it’s features. Take a look at the video after the jump.

Let’s talk a little bit about the handset, this Moto X. To start off with, it doesn’t look all that different from the last few Nexus devices that made it out. It looks like a cross between the Nexus 4 from LG and the original Galaxy Nexus S from Samsung. However it does seem to be visibly slimmer from the Rogers exclusive video. Focusing on the advancement of Google Now functionality, the Moto X is trying hard to make voice control the next step in smartphone tech. Update for messages received and other notifications will now be indicated by a little logo on the Sleep screen instead of just the mundane blinking LED. Hopefully we’ll able to customise the LED colors for various notifications nevertheless.

The wrist-twist camera launch is a rather unorthodox style of app access and not one of my favourite things about the new device. I think a simple quick access button on the lock screen is still better than the slide over option in the Nexus 4. I do like the fact that Moto X will be available in two color options, white being my preference, in this case as opposed to the standard black. It’s due to hit the Rogers stands sometime in August. No price has been announced just yet.

[Via – Reddit]

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