Mobistealth is Lending Employers a Hand in Curbing Excessive Workplace Texting

by dhiram

For many years, employers had been on a quest to somehow discourage employees from texting at work, but success had remained elusive. Policies, warnings, emails, memos – nothing really seemed to work as workplace texting continued to remain a distraction, taking a toll on efficiency and productivity of employees.

As the famous proverb goes, necessity is the mother of invention. And surely enough,the desperation and frustration of employers resulted in the birth of Mobistealth, a cell phone monitoring app that presents a very unique, albeit effective solution to the issue of excessive workplace texting.

Monitoring as a Strong Deterrent
Let’s face it, employees are people too, and probably have a lot going on in their lives. Just because they are at work doesn’t mean their personal lives come to a halt. With access to a cell phone, they get an opportunity to stay in touch with that personal life, continuing their arguments with their partner,sharing jokes and making plans with their friends, etc. Although it’s easy to understand why they text so much even when at work, it doesn’t make it any less unacceptable.

To discourage this habit of theirs, Mobistealth empowers employers to gain access to all the information about the text messages being sent or received by employees. It does that by logging and transmitting complete details of text messages, including their content, the date and time at which they were sent or received, and the name and number of sender or recipient to a secure online account that can only be accessed by employers or any other authorized personnel. This remote access to complete texting details acts as a strong deterrent to workplace texting because naturally employees don’t want anyone, especially their boss, to see what they are talking about and to whom. Since the deployment of Mobistealth may be part of the declared workplace cell phone policy, they can’t really challenge that. Instead, they simply do the one thing that they can do, i.e. abstain from texting, as the less they text, the less there would be for the employer to see.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
Mobistealth is an extremely powerful monitoring tool, with text monitoringbeing just one of its many features. Aside from text messages, it enables itsuser to keep tabs on everything from calls, phone contacts, web history, and chat apps to emails, pictures, videos, and location information. In the wrong hands, this tool can wreak havoc in the lives of employees on both personal and professional level. This is precisely why a comprehensive cell phone monitoring policy is absolutely crucial before the deployment of such a tool in the workplace. The scope of monitoring should be carefully aligned with the primary focus, i.e. protection of legitimate business concerns. Employee rights should also be taken into consideration, or even better, they should be taken onboard while formulating the cell phone monitoring policy. Ideally, no one except the employers themselves should be authorized to access the Mobistealth online account where logged information is stored. If possible, additional measures should be taken to secure the use of Mobistealth in the workplace and prevent its abuse.

Privacy proponents and employee advocates generally oppose the use of a tool as powerful as Mobistealth for dealing with the issue of employee texting at work. Their criticism is not entirely without merit because it does pose a serious risk to employee privacy, and in some cases security. However, if employers carefully plan everything out and put everything in black and white, then they’re unlikely to encounter any problems following the deployment of Mobistealth in the workplace.

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