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Mitsubishi swiveling LCD TVs

by Dhiram Shah

Though LCD TV’s have a very high viewing angle the picture always looks great when you are right in front of it. It is something which we cant enjoy as the TV is either fixed on the wall or too heavy to move. Mitsubishi is here to bring a smile on your face with the swiveling LCD TV’s. So the TV actually follows you, just press the button on the remote control and the TV gently moves in the direction.

Pricing and availability are not known yet.

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  1. Josiah

    Personally, if the cost difference was nominal, or better yet non-existent, this is something I might be interested in. It would come in handy in a house like mine, where reflections in the screen from the setting sun make it difficult to watch my favorite episode of MacGyver. Just a few degrees can be nice.


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