Microsoft may soon bring multi-touch mouse prototypes to life

by Dhiram Shah

The guys at Microsoft have their means of being discrete, but for how long? Just like all the other things we got to know about them, we landed up with some cool news about these fascinating multi-touch mouse prototypes. The prototypes, each, have different touch detection methods. Two of them, however, standout from the rest. These include the ‘Arty’ and the ‘Side Mouse’. The Arty has a couple of articulated arms that accommodate your thumb and index finger while each pad houses its independent optical sensor for motion recognition of pinching gestures. The Side Mouse on the other hand is button-free and is capable of detecting finger touches in a table on the screen. Sweet!

Other products featured include the ‘fascinating freaks’ that we have for regular mice here. These include the Orb Mouse and the Cap Mouse that use capacitive detection and IR camerasas well. There is nothing we can say about when and at how much will these be available.

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