Micro Memo a mic for iPod Nano

by Dhiram Shah

From Marubeni Infotech Japan comes the Micro Memo a mic for the iPod Nano which connects to the dock connector. The attached mic is connected to a movable arm so the mic can be positioned for better results. Voice recording is done in stereo mode however it is saved in WAV format which gobbles up a lot of space. You have a choice of two recording modes high (44.1kHz/1,411kbps) and low (22.05kHz/352kbps). You can record upto 51 hours of audio in low mode on a 8GB Nano. The unit comes with a built in speaker and draws power from the iPod itself.

The Micro Memo iPod mic is available for 8,480 Yen ($ 70) in Japan.

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