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Memorex MMP8640 PMP with 4 Gigs

by Dhiram Shah

Invention is the mother of all miseries and reinvention is the mother of all miserable stuff… like who would want a digital media player which looks like a mobile phone and has features similar to those players and iPods that were available since almost a year ago. But in any case it may interest you to buy this cause its not a bad-looking thing to flaunt either. Memorex is out with their latest candidate the MMP8640, a somewhat decent looking device that supports MP3, WMA-DRM protected files and MPEG-4 video files on its 1.8 inch color screen. It’s also got 4GB of memory which can be expanded via a mini SD slot, an FM radio, it comes preloaded with 100 sounds, has a battery life of up to 20 hours, and it even comes with a protective sleeve.

Overall nothing, we haven’t seen before but the fact that it comes with a choice of blue, cyan, yellow, green, or red accents is kind of cool, we guess. But I am waiting to see something that is truly different from the already available variety.
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  1. Zola

    The invention and reinvention has been explained very well, giving the clarity in the thought.
    Must say, if nothing else, at leat color range is exciting.


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