Marketing for new product launches

by dhiram

Launching a product is never easy. Once you’ve gotten through the arduous ordeal of developing, testing and refining your product, you’re still faced with one major hurdle, and that’s getting it out there in the global spotlight. Thankfully, in the age of digital communication, you’re able to broadcast information and specifications about your product to all corners of the globe right from your desk at home. Marketing should be given just as much, if not more, attention as development. After all, without adequate or exceptional marketing, even the greatest product won’t sell.

Having a great website is key
Your website is everything. Your banner, your call to arms and your proclamation of what your product is about. It is likely the first thing that a customer will see when they’re looking for information about your product and it’s important that it speaks volumes about it at first glance. For example, Google’s newest smartphone, Pixel, was unveiled yesterday and they were quick to announce it on their home page. From the start, you understand that Google is confident that their smartphone is on par or better than the current industry models, boasting “the highest rated smartphone camera.”

Not only should your website explain your product, but it should be optimized to rank higher on Google so that curious visitors don’t lose you in the deluge of other websites out there. There are a number of companies, like this one for example, who offer tools, features, and advice on how to do this. Search engine optimization, keyword research, metadata and good content are all things that should be given attention. However, it shouldn’t be the only tool in your marketing arsenal.

Utilize social media
Word of mouth has always been a powerful force in the world of marketing. In its digital form, this consists of social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Creating viral content that is shared widely and rapidly is an invaluable way to drum up interest in your product launch. An apt example is that of French socialite Louise Delage, who recently amassed over 44,000 followers on Instagram in a matter of weeks. It was later revealed, however, that Louise was a fictional character of a Parisian agency looking to promote awareness of alcoholism among young people for the organization Addict Aide. The resulting influx to their website spiked their traffic more than fivefold.

Kickstart your way to recognition
Whilst known primarily for their crowdfunding initiatives, Kickstarter is a great way of pitching to a crowd already invested in trialing new and upcoming products. A strong, well thought out promotion with healthy incentives and discounts, as well an unwavering vision behind the development of your product is the ticket to winning over audiences. From software, to smart bags, to journalism projects, Kickstarter offers a platform for likeminded enthusiasts to connect with an attentive audience, and also allows you to update them every step of the way until your launch day.

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