Man sends 3D printed head to prospective employers to vouch for his intelligence

by Gareth Mankoo

Idea generation is the key attribute many employers dig into. With ideas come novelty, and a unique proposition for a business to takes its next steps towards success. That said, pitching oneself to prospective employers using something as snazzy and clever as a 3D printed head replica is something else altogether. This takes it to the extreme and can surely give employers a new means of looking at idea generation and evaluating it in a real sense, rather than by elaborate bio-datas that end up sounding too aloof from the requirement. Floyd Hayes did just that as he sent his miniature 3D printed head to the employers he seeks employment with, with a message, ‘Tiny Head, Big Ideas’. All he had to do was march into New York Makerbot store and have ten replicas of his head made, followed by encasing them neatly.

Fact is, ‘while he (Floyd Hayes) is looking for a job, technically it’s not for him but his new consulting business that specializes in guerrilla marketing. He’s on the hunt for new clients for his big ideas’. This is quite a novel way of introducing a new breed of advertising to the world. Do you have any such whacky ideas? We’re all ears.


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