Magnetic Polaframes brings back the magic of the Polaroid

by Gareth Mankoo

Not all of us have forgotten the awesomeness of the Polaroid. It’s taken a fair bit of advancements in photography to match the brilliance of the first few polaroid cameras that had soon become a rage, some years back. With these Magnetic Polaframes you can add a little bit of ‘retro’ to your 4×6 inch photographs. Okay, that’s one thing. Then, these frames add the magic of magnets, so as to make it possible for you to stick the up on fridges and cupboards. If that’s not convincingly retro enough, then you have a an erasable marker with which you can mark some equally retro-styled images like, well, flowers.

All the retro feel would cost you £10. Good enough for sepia memories?

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