Mac owners in US at 12%

by Dhiram Shah

In the year 2008, NPD Group told that 9% of the households in America own a Mac. Come 2009and the figure shot upto 12% of the households! That is an amazing figure in terms of sale or anything you can think of in a span of just one year! But, there is always a but isn’t it, 85% of Mac owners also own a Windows based PC. I don’t think Apple should be concerned about it unless the second choice of customers is a Windows based PC. Well the facts put in by the group are that, only people with a fair amount of disposable income that is after you pay off your taxes, insurances and your important daily needs can afford to buy a Mac. 36% of Mac owners have a household income in excess of $100,000 which is only 21% of consumers! Well one thing is for sure; very people are out there who love Macs and only Macs! I wonder why! Justin Long are you reading this?

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