Logitec LDS-Ri700 iPod dock

by Dhiram Shah

Logitec has teamed with Teac Corp and has unleashed LDS-Ri700, another iPod dock. The dock has integrated DBSS (Dynamic Bass-Boost Sound System) which increases the treble quality and analog acoustic technology. Apart from a built-in FM/AM radio, it sports a LCD display that enables you to program your dock so as to wake you up with your favorite tunes. You can connect the dock to the TV via Video out terminal and view you movies on your TV screen. Its remote control gives you the luxury of controlling the dock while you relax on your bed. Weighing 1.5 kg, it measures 320×171×179mm and comes in color options of black and white.

It will first hit the shelves of Japanese market in September with a price tag of 19,800 Yen ($ 170).
Via – Gizmodiva

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