LG SV360 the Gaming phone

by Dhiram Shah

The LG SV360 is renowned for being the fastest handset in the world (for graphic drawing making it perfect for game playing). In fact thats the reason that the SV360 can handle 3D games. It has a special graphics chip inside it. The SV360 supports miniSD cards for expanding its memory. The 2.2 inch display enjoys a resolution of 320 x 256 pixels. The handset has a form factor that would best be desribed as that of a Casio Digital Diary. It open up to reveal a numeric keypad. QWERTY has been given a miss despite enough space for the same, since two joysticks, large and comfortable to play games easily have been included. Check out the dual stereoe speakers on either side of the landscape screen when the handset has been opened up. The phone canbe used in normal mode when closed since it has a joystick and seperate keypad at the front (in candybar mode) as well. The SV360 must be the only cell phone to have two numeric keypads. Via – Phoneyworld


  1. lisa rhodes

    please can you tell me when the lg sv360 is going to be released in the uk thankyou.

  2. Jane Michael

    Please will you tel me when the LG sv360 will be relaesed and also what carriers will have them.
    !!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE AND THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


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