LG Optimus Black To Feature Artwork of Legendary Keith Haring

by ruchi

The Korean tech giant, LG has brought some delightful news for us. And no, this isn’t about something that will spiral another tech war in the smartphone or tablet industry. The company has teamed up with Keith Haring Foundation to bring some fresh designs for its Optimus Black smartphone. Its common knowledge Keith Haring left behind a stupendous legacy of his art and ideas before he passed away back in 1990. This partnership will let LG put his artwork on its Optimus Black baby which is billed to be the world’s slimmest and lightest Android-powered smartphone.

LG thinks that the vibrancy of Keith Haring’s artwork is in perfect sync with its own company philosophy of ‘Life’s Good.’ It has chosen two of the artist’s creation to make the back cover of its phone and this isn’t the first rendezvous of the company with this foundation. In the past, LG KF600 and LG KF700 was also being worked upon them with the intention of bringing more art into people’s lives.
Keith Haring LG Optimus Black will first appear in public at the Mobile World Congress 2011 which is scheduled to begin this Monday. The phone will hit the European markets next month in black, white and other TBA color options. No word on pricing yet.

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