Lexus gives Santa a new ride, the flying LF-LC electric car!

by Gavril Mankoo

Given the fact that just about everything around us is changing quickly with the rising tide of technology, it’s expected that Santa Claus too could very well do with a change of a ride. Out go the 12 reindeers and the tacky old sleigh! This season, Mr. White Beard from up North could pretty much arrive at your doorstep (no more creepy chimney visits) in a swanky red Lexus! Called the special edition LF-LC, this one’s a full-fledged flying electric luxury automobile!

Beneath its hood, the car comes with advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive system with 800 reindeerpower. The car’s cleaner than a single reindeer and comes with a Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, an Advanced Pre-Collision System to keep the jolly fat man from crash landing, a Lexus Navigation System with e-Destination to help Santa find his way and a red LED and infrared light with stereo cameras to see in foggy weather! And yes, with this supercar to drive-fly around, expect Santa earlier than usual… Hell, he’s at our doorstep already! Merry Christmas folks!

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