Leoht’s tech handbag has charger and LEDs to help you find things

by Shruti Shree

Are you one of us women who put their lipstick in their bag and when you need it desperately for a touch up just before your date with a hot guy, you can never find it. There are a gazillion other things in your bag and suddenly your bag has turned into a black hole. How you have always wished, if there were lights in your bag. And the problem of forever draining batteries of your smartphone, looking so good, took a nice snap, but can’t upload it on Facebook. You won’t have these two problems if you have the tech handbag by Leoht. The Leoht tech handbag is made out of black leather (classic looks), has LEDs inside it which can be switched on with a button, and built-in (6,000 or 10,000mAh) battery in the base for charging, so that you can charge your gadgets while on the go. The tech handbag also has a secret compartment called “Alcove” which can be used to keep valuables, cash and other important stuff. Light is just not on the inside, but also on the outside, just to add to the beauty of the handbag. Oh! But you will have to charge the bag too. For that they have given custom Qi inductive charging plate which is included in the price. And if you are out, then the bag also has the good old micro USB port, so that neither your gadgets nor your bad run out of juice.

The bag right now in prototype stage weighs 3 pounds, which can be a heavy along with the other stuff in the bag. McIntosh is trying to reduce the weight of the bag by a pound at least. The Tote will be available in three styles; the price of one bag will be around $300-350. The bags can be pre-ordered from Kickstarter, and it should it the stores by fall this year.







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