Lego Ghostbusters set is just who you gonna call!

by Gareth Mankoo

Wow! Lego are really at it this time. And whatever we smell is completely ‘ecto!’. This darn amazing Lego Ghostbusters set has taken a while to spawn but now that it is here, we’re totally head over heels for it. The set has been pitched by CUUSOO user BrentWaller and has now been converted into the real deal. It comes packed with an improved Ecto-1 model and four mini figures. I totally could do building the neighborhood where there’s also ‘something wrong’ with the remainder of my Lego collection. But this one does take the cake and how! The detailing of Ecto-1 is especially endearing. Now let’s see who’s telling me scary tales.

The Lego Ghostbusters set will go on sale from June this year for $50. Save up if you love these spook-busting generation that we yearn to relive!

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