Left Field Labs turns your musical compositions into 3D printed music boxes

by Gavril Mankoo

Aah, music boxes. Nearly everyone loves the beautiful tunes these little devices are capable of producing, even though they do reek of eerie inspirations at times. Left Field Labs, a company that seems to have a bunch of innovative folks employed, seems to share our fascination for music boxes and has unleashed the Music Drops – tiny 3D printed music boxes that literally play out tunes you’ve created! The project enables folks to compose a 16-note tune using a grid. One does not need to be a musical genius to create these as the grid is simple and sports squares that indicate notes to be played. Once composed, Left Field Labs converts the music to a 3D-printable file using WebGL!

Quoting Left Field Labs, “We are all about using technology to help humans be, well, more human, and so we updated this small device with some of the emerging technologies of our time.” These 3D printed Music Drops music boxes can be ordered online. Given the fact that we’re just a month away from the day when people around the globe express their sweet nothings for each other, buying one of these to impress the one you’ve been trying to woo all along seems like a great idea, particularly if you’ve composed a tune or played a song that’s relatable!

[Via – Cnet]

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