Kensington Vo200 BT Phone for Clear Calls

by Dhiram Shah

Using headsets while talking over the internet is way too redundant. Good people at Kensington have come out with this lovely gadget that promises give you clear and crisp voice coverage via the advanced echo cancellation and noise suppression technology. Working with most service providers like Skype, MSN, Yahoo or Google, this device could actually be one of those things that become a standard feature. This Bluetooth enabled wireless phone’s mouthpiece can be flipped and can be used like a cell phone or it can be maneuvered around as a stand. Place it on the desk and use like a speakerphone! Charge it on a standard laptop PC card slot and it gives you over 3 hours of serious talk time and up to 30 hours of standby time.

A blinking LED light warns when you have 10% talk time left on the Vo200 BT Phone. It is available for $89.99.

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