Kate Spade Saturday create 24-hour shopping window

by Gareth Mankoo

Anything can catch eyeballs in NYC. So if it’s something that’s really ingenious in design and awesome enough for us to feature it here, then it’s nothing short of overkill. Clothing and accessory store, Kate Spade Saturday, have developed four walk-up-to shoppable interactive windows. They have chosen locations which were previously vacant. They set off painting these stores bright yellow, signature to the brand’s color and added bold black and white graphic patterns across it. Within the windows, users can look up some colorful apparel and accessories. All users have to do is take their pick and have their choicest product delivered within the hour. Users carry out the shopping through a touchscreen display. The display expands their visual horizon by offering them views of more products within the category and product descriptors to go along with it.

The payment mechanism is triggered by taking in users’ mobile phone numbers followed by a confirmation text sent and the eventual delivery made. The delivery is free! The 24 hours stores will be operational between June 8th and July 7th, 2013.








[Via – Psfk]

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