Enter the Armadillo-T, the ultimate compact electric car that folds up to become even smaller

by Shayne Rana

I love the latest innovations being made in the mini electric car domain. The cars seem to get smaller in some cases and always end up having something really unique about them. Take this new one from KAIST or the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology called the Armadillo-T, not only is it small as is, but it can actually be made smaller when parking. The Armadillo-T is one of the first mini electric vehicles that can be folded up and put away.

Featuring a 13.6 kWh battery that allows users to get about 60 miles to the charge (full), the body of the vehicle has been thoroughly streamlined to allow for quick fold and tuck away. It has no rear view mirrors as they’ve been replaced by surround-view cameras instead. The entire rear portion of this two- seater vehicle folds upward and over the front to create a sort of cocoon like shape. This reduces the already compact vehicle to just 1.65 meters. Thanks to four in-wheel motors, that not only enables effective four-wheel drive, the Armadillo-T can also be rotated 360 degrees when folded up. The approval for actual use on the streets has not yet come in but it doesn’t seem unlikely.

[Via – Likecool]

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