Jumbotron DS – 2 Touchscreens and DS pure bliss

by Dhiram Shah

This modder loves his DS and take the gaming experience to the next level by integrating the DS with two tablet PC screens. 600 bucks is a small price for playing Mario Kart on two 14 inch screens.
Here’s a little project I’ve been working on. It’s a Nintendo DS hooked up to 2 Tablet PC screens, using an FPGA in between to do some translation magic. Pen input from the Tablet PC screens is sent back to the DS. It can also dump screenshots to a PC via serial port.
Gateway M275 screens (14″ 1024×768): $100*2 (eBay)
LVDS modules (Advantech PCM-205): $60*2
Digilent S3BOARD + headers: $130
Nintendo DS: $100
Wacom pen: $30

(Video and images after the jump)


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