Jet packs from Jet Pack International are on their way

by yogesh

You must have seen James Bond film Thunderball and Disney film The Rocketeer and jumped at the idea of being able to go from one place to another by strapping a personal rocket pack on the back. Now I’m sure you are going to jump of your seat once more to know that this idea has been actually materialized. Jet Pack International is going to begin selling their Jet Packs that will include training too. These turbine jet packs are supposed to have much greater flight time and be much safer than traditional jet pack technology. It is supposed to travel 16km without refuelling.

Company chief executive Troy Widgery told the magazine that the joy of flying should not just be experienced by stuntman. “We are developing a consumer model… our dream is to make this affordable to the average person,” Mr Widgery said. “Everyone wants things to evolve to the point of The Jetsons, and I think it could.” But trying to live a Jetson’s life ain’t going to be cheap as this jet pack will retail for $226,000 that includes training also.

Via – Luxurylaunches

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