Jedi Knights turns into 15,000 member strong religion in Czech Republic

by Gavril Mankoo

While creating the Star Wars franchise, we’re pretty sure George Lucas probably never thought of these bits of imagination pulled out of his mind to turn into a religion in the future! Today, 15,000 Czechs follow the faith of the Star Wars movies’ Jedi knights as per official census data. And that’s not all. The faith has a pretty strong following in countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Britain too! Peace-keepers for the interplanetary Galactic Republic in Star Wars, the Jedi Knights seem to have inspired fans with their moral conduct enough, to have them form a religion. So the next time you see a Czech walking around the streets of Prague or Brno with a lightsaber in his hands, don’t mistake him for being a straying member from a sci-fi convention.


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