Find out how your daily caffeine intake is influencing your sleep with UP Coffee app

by Sayan Chakravarty

Most of us are well aware that we must get at least seven to eight hours to sleep everyday to have a healthy lifestyle, but insomnia and sleep deprivation are two big problems gripping the society. Insufficient Sleep has reached to a level of public health epidemic in the United States and out of all the other factors, high consumption of caffeine every day is a major contributor. Wearable technology brand Jawbone has introduced a new health tracking app named ‘Up Coffee’ that logs your daily intake of coffee, tea, sodas and other beverages, to give you an estimate of your daily caffeine intake.

The application by Jawbone Apps Lab is free for users and available iOS users. The app’s mechanism is pretty simple and intuitive; at the start, the app will ask the age, weight and height of the user to create a profile and then it can be used to log every cup of coffee or any other caffeinated beverage you drink. The app will do the number crunching for you and will give you a projected sleep time. The results of the app are formulated on the basis of data it collected from users of its Up and Up24 fitness bands. The company says that “UP helps you understand how you sleep, move, and eat so you can make smarter choices.” In addition to details how caffeine affects our daily routine the app also reveals other non-coffee related facts about a healthy sleep.

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