Is this the Samsung Galaxy Premier a.k.a. Galaxy Nexus 2?

by Gareth Mankoo

Nexus devices always create a stir when they’re around. Much like the happenings with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 rumors that we see stirred up here. It’s not a shocker since we have prior understanding of the Nexus line being inculcated by Sony Ericsson (Xperia Nexua) and LG (Optimus Nexus) too. This hasn’t been confirmed by the manufacturers themselves, but we take comfort in the thought of a certain snooping done by Pocket Now that tells us of a User Agent Profile of the GT-i9260. There’s word of an ARM 11 processor and a 1280×720 pixels screen. The problem now arises in lines with the processor spec that is totally out of date. May be, a 1.5GHz dual-core A9 processor would be a more likely addition.

All said and done, we have another healthy rumor in the mill and now we’re keeping an open ear to pick any signs of the Nexus 2. Being an affordable model does give the phone more credibility as a middle to low end one.


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