iPod Shuffle dazzles brighter with Gold and Diamonds

by deepa

It’s the quest of the wealthy folks that lead to most of the gadgets getting bejeweled……..simply to enhance its status-quotient. Why else would gadgets costing a few hundreds deck up to cost a couple of thousands? Take a look at this most common gizmo that we came across, in the most uncommon makeover. An iPod Shuffle made of pure gold and caked with loads of glittery diamonds! I suppose only Gold iPod Shuffle wasn’t enough to flaunt their riches. Nothing more significant about this Shuffle except for the precious metal and expensive diamonds gone in to its making.

You can dole out golden tunes from this blinged music player that comes for 120,000 Norwegian Kroner (around $20,000). And stop complaining about the price as this time we get matching earphones too!
Via – Luxurylaunches

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