iPhone 4S to support both iOS 5 Airplay and Wired Mirroring

by ruchi

The iPhone 4S is finally here with an improved camera, graphics power and of course the Siri Personal Assistant. But another remarkable feature which took everybody by surprise was Airplay mirroring, a feature that was previously reserved only on iPad 2 has now come to Apple first mid-range smartphone lineup. This enables 1:1 mirroring between the display of the device and Apple TV. With this, one can even have the output of a game’s action to a TV while retaining a basic control display on the handset’s display.

This also points out to the fact that Apple’s iOS is steadily evolving as a gaming platform and with their iPhone 4S, it is certainly making Nintendo’ upcoming Wii U sweat a bit. If you don’t have an Apple TV setup, there is also a wired dongle which allows HD wired mirroring but we don’t know how much it’s going to cost at the moment.

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