iPad Suit is the Latest in Techno-Fashion

by iona

Manhattan-based Mohan’s Custom Tailors is causing a minor fashion rumble with its iPad suits. The suits feature an oversized inner pocket to fit Apple’s latest device and are being custom made for gadget-loving gentlemen who like to wear their technology. Mohan’s said it designed the suit jacket following customer requests, and has so far received over 100 calls and scheduled several dozen fitting appointments over the coming weeks. The iPad suit hit headlines following last week’s Grammy Award, when American political satirist Stephen Colbert produced an iPad he claimed contained a list of nominees from his iPad suit pocket. The event marked the first public showing of the iPad suit and the iPad (following its unveiling in January 2010), and it is hard to say which caused the biggest stir. However, it remains to be seen how a suit jacket can hold a 1.5 pound iPad without making the wearer look lopsided or deforming the fabric.

For those happy carrying a bag, Totes for Devices have designed the Nimbus Tote ($49.95), with a clear plastic pocket that allows you to visibly publicise your iPad ownership status. But if you have to have the latest in techno-fashion, an iPad suit will set you back around $600.

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