iPad 4 arrives with A6X processor, select Apple Stores offer exchange scheme

by Gareth Mankoo

When we thought about what the 4th generation iPad would be like, we never expected a design marvel. In fact, a powerful processing unit would suffice and that’s just what the Cupertino giants have given us with the iPad 4. Armed with an A6X processor and quad-core graphics, the new iPad 4 can totally crush the power of the previous chip in a millisecond. That’s the effectiveness that’s promised and rightly delivered. Additionally, the new iPad also offers dual-band Wi-Fi, LTE compatibility, 720p FaceTime camera in front, the Lightning port, and pretty much the same design as the former.

The iPad 4 will be available in its 16GB Wi-Fi version for $499 and cellular data version for $629. The pricing will remain same as the former. What’s more is that a handful of Apple Stores have decided to offer a free exchange for the 9.7-inch tablet, purchased within the last 30 days. This has been recorded in Stockton Street branch in San Francisco and may soon become a trend.

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