INQ’s plans for a Twitter phone materialized

by Gareth Mankoo

INQ’s Facebook specific phone was a sure good concept. Let’s not talk about the sales figures as of now but what I can really say is that this new Twitter phone of theirs is bound to keep Tweetheads on their toes. There are actually two phones on line, the INQ Mini and the INQ Chat. The latter lives up to BlackBerry style standards with a QWERTY, black chasis, etc. The number pad keys are in red to make them stand out from the rest of the body, which happens to be pitch-black. The main attraction is their built-in Twitter support apps. Well, let’s see how things go for them from here.

Both the INQ phones are expected to hit markets by the fourth quarter of this year. However there’s no need to get over excited since none of the carriers back home are accepting the phone. Not for now at least.

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